John Clark - 403b DROP Program Specialist
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John Clark - 403b DROP Program

John Clark

Specializes in educating our clients with 403b or 457 plans, and discuss options on what they can do to achieve their financial goals and retirement needs.

We also can help you in the following areas:

  • Maximizing Social Security Benefits
  • Women's Financial Needs
  • Women's Financial Goals
  • Financial Options After Divorce
  • Financial information for Divorced Women
  • Financial Information for Divorced Men
  • Men's Financial Needs & Goals
  • Safe Money Strategies
  • Safe Money Instruments
  • Insurance Solutions
  • 403b Plans
  • Educating 403b Plan Participants
  • Explaining 403b DROP Program Options
  • Rolling Over 401k or 403b Plan
  • Individual IRAs-Traditional and Roth
  • Safe Money Options
  • Safe Income with Options
  • Financial Help
  • Retirement Help
  • Protecting assets in retirement

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 Educating pre 403b retirees on understand their different options and benefits of the Florida DROP Program.
In addition, explain how choosing the right retirement products and services can help you become financially independent in your retirement!